Hi, friends! My name is Jenica, and I’m so glad you’re here. I can feel your light from all the way over here! My husband Tyler and I struggled with infertility for several years and went through 3 IUI’s and 3 rounds of IVF to get our miracle twins, Harris and Goldie, into our home and our arms. Oh, they are so worth it, by the way!

After struggling in silence for so long, I finally made the decision to share our story after a miscarriage following our 2nd IVF cycle. I was so scared to share! It felt so vulnerable to put something out there that was so incredibly dear and close to my heart. You can read that first post on my blog here.

After sharing and the positive response I received, I couldn’t believe how many people were also struggling with infertility! I wasn’t alone, after all. After sharing, it felt like the heavy heartache was lifted from my shoulders and you were helping me carry it. It didn’t feel quite so heavy any more.

A few months later, I then documented our 3rd round of IVF with letters to our future child (we didn’t know it would be twins!) You can read those letters here. Since then, I’ve been blessed to connect with thousands of you who are also struggling with infertility. You’ve been a light and gift to me, and we’ve helped pull each other out of the dark.

We (as in you and I because you inspired this space!) have created an infertility community and shop where you can receive and scatter sunshine and support. You DO NOT have to do this alone and I genuinely believe that this space is going to be the sun for you on those hard days where you FEEL alone. You’ll come here and remember that you aren’t alone at all. You’ll get to feel that warm sun on your face, and we’ll get to feel your light, too. You belong here, sister! And you are so loved!


When I think of my happiest moments that are effortless and joyful, they remind me of the sun. That moment when you close your eyes and savor the warmth, the hope and calming peace. This space has been carefully designed to be a safe place of comfort and refuge from the storm of infertility. It's a place where you can find the connection and empathy that will help you make it through to the next step in your journey. It's a slice of sun because it's the eye of the storm when you so desperately need it. That still, warm spot in your day where you're reminded that you have all that you need within you and around you to feel happiness even amidst the swirling chaos that life can bring your way. You are in control of the tools you pursue to navigate your challenges, and I'm so glad that you have found yourself here because my goal is to make finding those resources easier. You are in a community of sisters here.

The Slice of Sun is designed to spark sunshine wherever these resources touch. I want you to feel joy when you buy them, wear them, give them, read them and share them. I want to explain The Slice of Sun's logo to you, because when you see it, I want you to feel connected to it like I do.

The circle represents the sun, and the three loops represent the thread that is used in making some of the products that we sell, but it also represents something really special to me. It's a wave. When the sunshine hits a wave, the sun reflects and scatters in every different direction. It's brighter and magnified.

that sunshine is you

When you share your struggle, and take action to help lift others, you are magnifying that warm light into places that were once dark. You are lifting others out of those dark places into the sunshine so that they, too, can remember there is joy for them. There is no limit to how far that light can reflect, because when it hits another wave, it continues endlessly. You lift others, then they lift others, and the sunshine scatters across the world until we all feel a little warmer. The sun is you, and the wave is your actions to help make another's burden light. YOU are The Slice of Sun.

Thank you for being here and thank you for your light.

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