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Dana Hnatyshyn's IVF Twin Girls featured by top Infertility Online Community, The Slice of Sun

Dana Hnatyshyn's IVF Twins

My story is a bit different as to why we had to go through fertility treatments. When I met my husband, he told me that he was married before and that he had a vasectomy because his ex-wife couldn't get pregnant due to her health issues. My husband always wanted a family of his own, so he decided to freeze six samples before he went in for his procedure (his current marriage was already unstable so he wasn't sure if it would last). We knew we would have to go through treatment and had six times to try.
Sage Randall IUI and IVF Story featured on top infertility online community, The Slice of Sun

Sage Randall IUI and IVF Story

My name is Sage Randall and this is a little bit about my infertility journey. 

My husband and I were married about 9 years ago, and I immediately wanted to start trying to get pregnant so we never took birth control. About a year later I decided to go see a doctor, and we found out I didn’t ovulate on my own. I started Clomid, Famara and ovulation tests to time it just right. Six months later we started doing IUIs; we did about 8 IUIs and then when my doctor was delivering a baby another doctor came in and told me it wasn’t going to work and that my husband needed to be checked. After that we were told that he needed to be on medicine and that it was worth a shot to do a few more IUIs before starting the IVF process. On our very last IUI 3 years in, before IVF, we found out we were pregnant with our little girl. 
 Anonymous IVF Story for Male Factor Infertility featured on top infertility online community, The Slice of Sun

Anonymous IVF Story for Male Factor Infertility

I’ll start with the end of the story: as I write this there is a precious 8-week-old baby boy napping in his crib. When I think about all the different struggles that I’ve had and what my story actually is, there are so many parts that felt impossible, or like the struggle wouldn’t be worth the result. After the fact, I now put my baby to bed every night telling him that struggle was part of his story and that we are grateful for the miracle that he is. I would do it again if I had to, even now that I know how hard it was.

Michelle Lee's PCOS Story featured on top US infertility online community.

Michelle Lee's PCOS Story

My husband and I struggled with infertility due to my PCOS diagnosis. I found out I had PCOS in September of 2015. I was working as a personal trainer at the time and was having a really tough time with weight gain and energy crashes. As I am sure you can imagine, being a personal trainer that is gaining unhealthy weight is not good for business. I worked out 5-6 days and week. I tracked my food. And I could not get it under control.
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