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Giuliana Locacy's IVF story featured on top infertility online community, The Slice of Sun

Giuliana Locacy's IVF story

My story begins quite some time before I knew of the struggles of infertility. I was in the military and married to a pretty terrible person, but I knew I wanted to be a mother and a wife and so I overlooked abuse and unhappiness towards that goal. I did manage to get pregnant, but miscarried, and followed that up with a divorce and transition from the Army to a career in corporate America. I really began to work on myself and 2 years later I felt renewed, stronger and accelerating quickly in my career. I had been on dates a few times, but I felt like I was too weird, odd or goal oriented to make a connection with anyone, and I made the choice that I'd rather be alone and happy, than with someone and playing some role. I felt good about this decision, and pushed aside those mommy thoughts.
Pauline Ann van der Ham-van der Meijs' AVM Story featured by top Infertility Online Community, The Slice of Sun

Pauline Ann van der Ham-van der Meijs' AVM Story

For some reason, for as long as I can remember, I have felt a fear of being infertile. As a child I was fascinated by the movie "Dumbo" and according to my mom it was not only for that brave little elephant with big ears, but I especially felt connected to Dumbo’s mom. This beautiful Disney classic opens with all animals in the circus receiving their babies delivered by the storks, except for Dumbo’s mom. She and only she, stays childless and had to watch all her fellow elephants cuddle their little ones. How ironic that this same thing would happen to me later in life. But the movie doesn’t end there. Dumbo’s mom receives her wonderful baby through a special delivery a little later on in the story and thank god the same thing would also happen to me in my life later on. 
Charie Lacy's Endometriosis Story featured by top Online Infertility Community, The Slice of Sun.

Charie Lacy's Endometriosis Story

My name is Charie Lacy, and I have been struggling with infertility for almost 2 years. In December 2017, I went in for my annual check-up and to get started to trying to conceive starting in 2018. I was seeing an advanced gynecologist as I’ve always had painful periods. She noticed a cyst on one of my ovaries, but wasn’t too concerned and started me on my vitamins and said, “we think you have endometriosis, so it might take you a few months to conceive.” I thought I was fine, and I wasn't too worried.
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