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Right before I got married, I went to my Dr to start birth control. After explaining my period symptoms (primarily a heavy flow and some strong cramping) she wanted to check and make sure everything was going okay. We ordered an ultrasound and bloodwork to check it all out. My bloodwork came back normal, nothing was out of the ordinary. But in my ultrasound, what they thought was my bladder turned out to be an 18cm cyst (about the size of a very large grapefruit). They couldn't get any good visualization through my ultrasound because of the size so they scheduled me for surgery. I believe this is where all of our struggles started.

 In December 2020, we had our consult with a new reproductive endocrinologist that we had waited almost 6 months for.  His energy was refreshing and he was hopeful about what would come next.  He suggested IUI with injectables for us as with my PCOS diagnosis this had a good success rate.  We felt that this was a good plan for us and we started this in January 2021.  We did two cycles of this January and February with good follicle growth both times but unfortunately they were again not successful. 

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