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I’ve debated sharing my story, partly because I am on the other side of IVF with a positive outcome. I realize how lucky we are and how others are not  I almost feel guilty knowing some walk away completely empty handed. I decided to share because I know when I was in the thick of RE appointments, IUIs, IVF procedures, and waiting for our transfer, I just wanted all of the success stories I could find.  Success stories gave me hope, but I didn’t see many stories like mine. So I want to share and possibly give someone hope.

Josh and I got married in August of 2012. We were young, and Josh was still in school, so we wanted to wait a few years before starting a family. We started trying in 2014, but it wasn’t going as we expected. It took us awhile, and after about 8 months I finally got pregnant and I was so excited. I started planning, thinking of baby names, etc. We went in for the first ultrasound, and there was no baby?! I had a blighted ovum. It’s the craziest thing - your hormones and and body think you’re pregnant, but you aren’t. I was heart broken. Another 8 months went by, and I got pregnant again! Everyone says miscarrying on your first is so common, so I should be good with this one! Nope. I literally miscarried on my brother's wedding day. While everyone had happy tears streaming, I was crying tears of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.

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