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When we first started our infertility journey, I was my doctor’s then youngest patient to move forward with IVF.  We had unexplained fertility, so everything on paper looked good.  When the first round didn’t take, we were devastated.  Our doctor was almost certain it would take.  

Fast forward quite a few years later, and we have now gone through a total of 12 rounds of IVF, 7 rounds of IUI, and a miscarriage.  

Later that year, we were thrust into the crazy world of IVF-  shots, meds, appointments,  and an egg retrieval.  They retrieved 16 eggs and fertilized 11. In the end, we were only able to freeze two. I overstimulated on the medication- a painful and dangerous risk of IVF. They put off the transfer until my body healed and my next cycle started.

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