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Our beautiful boy Milo was born on August 4th. He came into the world with too many internal birth defects and anomalies to count and was just broken on the inside. But his outsides were sure beautiful. Our doctors and specialists are still baffled at how healthy and normal he looked because most babies who are that sick look, well, sick. Milo's brain was his only good organ, and we are so grateful because it's what let him interact with us so perfectly throughout the special 19 days we got with him. Milo's main issue was that he had a diaphragmatic hernia - this is where your diaphragm doesn't form all the way and leaves a big hole that intestines, stomach and liver can squeeze through. They go up into the chest and don't leave adequate room for lung and heart development, and those two things are ultimately what ended Milo's life. He couldn't breathe. And his heart just couldn't sustain his body.

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