Maddie Brown's Infertility Story

Right before I got married, I went to my Dr to start birth control. After explaining my period symptoms (primarily a heavy flow and some strong cramping) she wanted to check and make sure everything was going okay. We ordered an ultrasound and bloodwork to check it all out. My bloodwork came back normal, nothing was out of the ordinary. But in my ultrasound, what they thought was my bladder turned out to be an 18cm cyst (about the size of a very large grapefruit). They couldn't get any good visualization through my ultrasound because of the size so they scheduled me for surgery. I believe this is where all of our struggles started.

After surgery I was told they discovered this cyst to originate from my fallopianĀ tube. My tubeĀ was wrapped allĀ the way around the cyst and no longer viable and ended up being removed. I was told this should not affect my chances of getting pregnant. Which I still believe to be true.

Soon after surgery, I started birth control and a few months later removed it. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort. Soon after, we started trying for our family and my periods started getting further and further apart. After bloodwork, a new Dr. diagnosed me with PCOS, which never sat quite right with me. I had never exhibited any other symptoms of PCOS and my period was a short term issue.

About 6 months after diagnosis, I went to a second Dr to get another opinion. My periods are normal again and I'm not showing any symptoms, she believes I've never had PCOS. Which was frustrating to hear that I wasted so much time with the wrong information. My more recent bloodwork shows that that I'm ovulating, but it's not anything mature. So I'm in the middle of my first round of clomid to help my body. Here's hoping!


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