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How to Change How You’re Feeling About Infertility

2. How to Change How You’re Feeling About Infertility

Welcome back to the podcast this week, and today, I’m about to break your brain just a little bit. My goal today is to help you change how you’re feeling about infertility, and I know this seems far fetched, but I invite you to stay with me here and see how these concepts can guide you in shifting your experience. Whatever your current thoughts might be about your infertility experience, I’m asking you just one question: Are these thoughts serving you today? What you may not realize right now is that the thoughts you think have an impact on the...

Is it Possible to Live a Joyful Life with Infertility?

1. Is it Possible to Live a Joyful Life with Infertility?

Welcome to the first episode of the Fearless Infertility podcast. I couldn’t be more happy to have you here! This podcast is a space for women struggling with the mental anguish that comes with infertility, and as impossible as it sounds, my goal here is to help you create joy during your infertility experience, like I did in my own life, to share the things that helped me pull myself out of the dark and stop feeling like my best life plans were now swept out from underneath me.  I’m a life coach for women with infertility, and after a...

Introducing the Fearless Infertility Podcast

Introducing the Fearless Infertility Podcast

Welcome to the Fearless Infertility podcast! Fearless Infertility is the podcast for women struggling as they deal with the mental anguish of infertility.Join me, Jenica Parcell, your host and now mom of twin miracle babies, as I share the exact tools, strategies, and resources I used to take back control of my mind and find joy during my experience with infertility. This podcast is designed to help you understand your mind and how you are in control of your infertility experience. Each episode will leave you feeling empowered, in control and encouraged to continue on your journey.  If you are struggling with...

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